Thank you so much for putting in so many days and hours in designing our dream home. All our guests, including us love our house the moment we step into the unit. We truly appreciate every little thing you do.

Daniel and Cheryl

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: February 2020  |   HDB Resale Project at Jalan Batu  |  Project Pricing: $130,000 – $135,000

OMG you guys are amazing!!! Our house looks beautiful!!! We love love our new space. Brent did an amazing job with it.

Erin Pung

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: March 2020  |  Condo Project at Calrose | Project Pricing: $150,000 – $165,000

Myself, Harish and the girls would like to take this opportunity to thank You and your team for creating a dream home for us within the said time. It was a great experience working with you, since the day we first met.

We are glad to have chosen Aiden T to create our dream home which we will cherish for the years to come.

Dipti Harish

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: January 2020  |   Project Pricing: $80,000 – $90,000 | View Project

Thank you so so much Arjan! The apartment is amazing and even more so that it is exactly the place I get to call home. Really thankful for how much I have been blessed by all the hands that put together my place!

Miaoling Lim

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: July 2019  |   Project Pricing: $80,000 – $90,000 | View Project

We scoured the internet and had many meetings with various designers for a full renovation on our resale unit. Arjan’s style really stood out as clean and timeless but far from boring.

Loved how he was the only one who thought out of the box in a practical manner with regards to space remodeling and it worked perfectly (despite our reservations in the beginning).

He also strikes a rare and nice balance between providing recommendations and adhering to your requirements. Working with him was an enjoyable experience, much to our surprise – assumed we would be pulling out hairs at the end of a big project like this!

Arjan also has a very interesting approach to budgeting, we think this works much better than the usual way and helps give a more positive experience to customers overall. Would definitely use this ID company again in future 🙂

Tiffany Ooi

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: June 2019  | HDB Resale Project at Holland Drive |  Project Pricing: $110,000 – $120,000

Sincere thanks for all the idea and help throughout the project – our family certainly love it !!!

Our deepest appreciation for all your support throughout the project – the logistics and coordination with contractor, sub-contractor as well as the third parties.

Barry Aryanasvara

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: June 2019  | Condo Project at The Esta | Project Pricing: $80,000 – $90,000

Wanted to say thank you for working out the lay-out of our place. The flow of the apartment makes sense and highlights your strength in spaceplanning for homes that are both practical and pleasing to the eyes.

Aline Pach

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: July 2018  | Project Pricing: $180,000 – $200,000 |  View Project

Highly recommended. We interviewed several designers. Aiden T was very creative in “thinking outside the box” with respect to meeting our demands with our total apartment renovation. This is where he set himself apart. We are very pleased with the end result.

David Richardson

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: December 2017 |   Project Pricing: $100,000 – $125,000 | View Project

Arjan Nijen Twilhaar, the Principal Designer of Aiden T, is an extremely talented interior designer. Not only are his designs simply beautiful and breath-taking, they are also very functional and practical. He transformed an old tired house to my dream home, bringing it into the 21st Century. He worked with and enhanced the existing detailing in the house. He made awkward spaces and odd corners look like they were deliberately constructed that way to serve the purpose they now do thanks to his clever design. I truly derive immense pleasure in the day-today living in my home. The house is beautiful and it serves real life living. Indeed, Arjan can weave magic into a space.

Arjan was also such a joy to work with on my home. He is always responsive and ever patient with my incessant demands. He can be counted on to give impartial, sensible and good advice. He took the time to explain his suggestions and address all my questions. Even though he was very busy, he always gave me the time of day. I never felt rushed or hurried. He was also willing to work within a budget suggesting the best areas to allocate funds. I feel he genuinely has his clients’ interests at heart. He made what could have been a harrowing journey of renovating a home, a fun and very enjoyable process.

Arjan is undoubtedly one of Singapore’s leading interior designers and I truly feel blessed to have had him work on my home. I would whole-heatedly recommend Aiden T to anyone looking to have a beautiful functional home. Thank you so much Arjan!

Cara Chan

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: July 2017  |  View Project

My wife and I bought a 5-room resale HDB that needed a total makeover. We wanted to build a home which aesthetics would remain relevant throughout decades. We didn’t mind spending a little more for the value of quality and durability. We wanted the house to be practical yet beautiful. We are people of hosts, so we also desired the house to be able to give a great experience to whoever that steps into it.

We had a very good first impression when we met Arjan at his showroom. He was professional, a people’s person, an attentive listener, and appeared highly skilful and tasteful in his profession. Thankfully, this did not remain just a first impression, but a continued and consistent one throughout the renovation journey. In fact, we would also go beyond to testify that Arjan is someone we found to be responsible and took great ownership towards his work and clients.

We have heard many accounts that renovation is a painful process to endure. We have learnt that it is inevitable, for the work is complex and laborious. What was most important is that the person in charge is committed to provide solutions should any unprecedented issues occur. In short, a person who would get it done at the end of the day. We say for certain that Arjan possesses this quality. In our opinion, this is the most important trait to have; even more than ‘good chemistry’ with your interior designer.

We also believe that what makes him successful at what he does is the team he works with. Throughout the years, Arjan has developed great working relationships and synergy with the main/sub-contractors he has worked with. Together, they make a great and reliable team that you can trust to get the job done. You will have to take note that Arjan operates independently. Commonly in Singapore, interior designers belong to a design and built firm; a one-stop-for-all service. Arjan’s role is the interior designer cum project manager. There will be a separate main contractor which you will have a separate agreement with. We recommend going with who is familiar working with.

One of Arjan’s core strength is his deep roots in design concepts and art. He has a wide horizontal understanding of what is required in interior designing – a balance between aesthetics and usability. It’s not just shapes and colours but also things like materials, space planning and lighting. He has rich knowledge to reference concepts from different geographies and times. If you do not know yet, he is Dutch who has lived in Singapore long enough to call his home. This is perhaps one of his greatest unique value, for he knows both Asian and Western concepts and how to play around it.

As far as pricing goes, we can only say that you get for what you pay for Arjan’s services. He is not the cheapest, but nothing good comes cheap. That said, do not mistake this implying his projects are expensive for they are not. Arjan’s default choices of material and design has intentions to last, so naturally, you’re paying for quality. That said, this does not stop him from being creative with cheap solutions, which he has done so with some parts of our house that led to some good savings.

This already seems obvious, but for the records, we strongly recommend Arjan. To Arjan on a personal note, thank you so much for this joyful (we seriously mean it, haha!) and wonderful experience. If we have a second home down the road, we will surely come knocking on your door again. It is a privilege and blessing to also know you personally. We hope we have also been good clients to work it. Thank you for all your patience and grace with our nuances. You always choose empathy during the tricky situations – we appreciate it.”

Adrian Lim

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: June 2017  |    Project Pricing: $100,000 – $120,000

Arjan did an excellent job on my parents’ place. He and his team were very professional. We were updated regularly on the progress of the works. The creativity Arjan brings, and his quality of work is simply, unrivaled. Highly recommended!

Gayatri Shunmugam

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: June 2017  |    Project Pricing: $80,000 – $100,000

We have been following Arjan’s portfolio for a while before reaching out. Arjan is tremendously approachable and we felt assured working with him immediately.

With limited space in our shoebox unit and some awkward layout, we needed someone who could pay attention to those details and make good use of the limited space. We are deeply satisfied by his design ideas, concepts and suggestion. His ability to conceptualize colors and texture impressed us. The result was perfect and we were very satisfied with the outcome – just like the artist’s illustration!

During and after the renovation, Arjan remained extremely committed to the project. He is transparent and works hard to keep to our budget. He does periodic visits to the site and provides frequent updates during the renovation phase.

We unreservedly recommend him to anyone.

Alfred and Klare

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: Apil 2017  |  View Project 

Aiden T was the only firm that caught my attention and the only firm I approached for a quotation. I was very impressed by its Principal Designer, Arjan, who pays attention to details, functionality and aesthetics. I like that his designs are timeless and classic. The traditional details often give the house its character and warmth. He is also always able to provide amazing ideas in sprucing up the house.

As I was away from Singapore during the first half of the renovation, Arjan took really good care of things. I did not follow up much and was extremely pleased to come back to seeing all the masonry works done well. He is communicative, patient, assuring and quick to resolve issues. I am also very thankful that he was able to help me pick some of my furnishings. I really enjoyed working with him for my first home!

Winoa and Wenkang

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: March 2017   |  View Project

Engaging Arjan was probably one of the best decisions we made for our home! He has been an absolute joy to work with, and it almost felt like a fun joint renovation project with a friend rather than being just a client to him. From the onset, we were taken in by his sincerity and passion when he presented us with a professional bound book of his proposed renovation plans and hand-drawn sketches on our second meeting at no charge. We were almost appalled by his trusting nature as we had not at this point committed to engaging his services at all.

Having a good eye for design aside (which is readily apparent from his portfolio of projects), what makes Arjan really special is his strong sense of integrity and responsibility. He is someone you can trust to think in your best interests, and is not one to cut corners at all. That is why we’ve had no hesitation recommending him to all our friends. It is clear Arjan takes immense pride in his work, and is probably even more of a perfectionist than his clients themselves! You can rely on him to ensure the fine details are looked after; sometimes it’s these subtle finishing touches (e.g. his need to have a border of tiles lining each room, including an arch around bedroom doors, wood detailing on bomb shelter door etc.) that really make a difference to the overall feel of the house.

What really impressed us too was how responsive Arjan is – he’d always respond promptly within the day (most of the time within minutes) to our barrage of queries, sometimes patiently sketching his proposals/answers for our easier comprehension.

Arjan is a problem solver and would always try to find a way to say yes to your ‘wish-list’ through making feasible yet pretty workaround proposals to balance both aesthetics and practicality. We were probably guilty of having our preferences/desired style drift as the renovation went along, but Arjan was versatile, adaptable and professionally able to still maintain a cohesive theme for the home.

All in all, we really enjoyed our renovation journey with Arjan and have emerged from it with a precious new friend in him. We wouldn’t think twice engaging his services again should we ever need to renovate our home in future. Also, special thanks to Joseph and his team of contractors for their wonderful work and time on our house! The workmanship of the tilers and carpenters was really impressive.

Deborah Tan

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: February 2017   |  view project

I wanted to say thank you. I had a mini housewarming last week and my friends and family were really impressed by how you had designed the house. They said that it was simple and elegant, and beautiful :). I am really happy with the design and overall renovations. It was a breeze to work with you and I definitely recommended you to my friends.

Suzaina Kadir

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: October 2016   |   Project Pricing: up to $50,000

We recently purchased a freehold apartment in Joo Chiat and were looking, at the time, to renovate the apartment to firstly bring it up to current code, but also to transform the apartment into a personalized space.  We had met with several design firms, but ended up choosing Aiden-T for the professionalism and can-do attitude that Arjan showed towards our vision.  Arjan also brought a touch of design finesse to the project, suggesting details that we would have otherwise overlooked – which have added to the playfulness and completeness of the space. Before, during and post construction, Arjan remained in close contact – we appreciated his candor when things didn’t go exactly to plan and found him extremely easy to work with throughout.

Overall, our project resulted in our expectations exceeded – we are very proud of the space and continually are asked about the small design details that Arjan had suggested and implemented throughout.  Our budget, and our vision was respected thoroughly, and small requests to change or rectify were taken in stride.  We would highly recommend Arjan and his team for any home renovation – the whole experience was relatively stress-free, and we are left with a home that is extremely comfortable and exactly what we’d wanted.

Nicholas Longstaff

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: August 2016   |   Project Pricing: $80,000 – $100,000 | View Project

It was a delight working with Arjan on our first home as a family of 3. He was fabulous with the space-planning to ensure our young child has the freedom to move around with house safely without compromising design. We could bounce off ideas until we got our perfect look while keeping to the theme and he was always patient, engaging and responsive. We couldn’t be happier with how our home turned out. Thanks so much, Arjan!

Magdalyn Yeo

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: October 2016   |    View Project

Arjan rocks! As a very happy customer of his. He has the ability to not just transform your kitchen but your house and as a consequence the way you live your life.

Aman Narain

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: April 2016   |   Project Pricing: $105,000 – $200,000

It’s great working with Arjan! He is super responsive notwithstanding concurrently running a few projects. Provides many great ideas too, including how to achieve the same look for less. Even his initial proposal was so professionally done, bound copy and all! Every penny well spent. Highly recommended.

Cheryl Siew

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: October 2015   |   Project Pricing: $80,000 – $100,000

“Arjan is a brilliant designer! It was a real pleasure working with him redesigning my 5 room in Toa Payoh.”

Anil Mohan

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: July 2014   |   Project Pricing: $50,000 – $80,000

“We engaged Aiden T to help us design and renovate our new place. Arjan was very creative and resourceful in the use of space and proposed very interesting designs for the layout, maximizing space and using quality finishing, satisfying our desired theme of modern Peranakan, and yet managed to keep the cost to a reasonable level. The entire experience from end to end was a very pleasant one, as Arjan and his subcontractors had such wonderful attitudes and were highly responsible. So Voila! We got a very nice place, wonderful experience and yet did not burn a hole in our pockets. Will highly recommend Aiden T to anyone looking for a cool guy with cool designs.”

Jolene Teo

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: August 2014   |   Project Pricing: more than $100,000

“When I hired Aiden T I was moving from a beautiful house to a condo due to my husband’s passing away, I was sad and didn’t really want to make this move, This company was just amazing, kind and supported me all thru the process, I was not very hands on, as soon as id chosen fabrics paint colours etc., I pretty much left it to them and only viewed twice, they completed the whole apartment renovation in fact we changed everything (new floors, walls knocked gown, kitchen installed, toilets completely changed etc.) in less than 5 weeks without any delay or stress, they came the day I moved in to help, it was really an easy and wonderful experience to have found them.”

Lisa Keegan

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: November 2013   |   View Project

“Arjan transformed our completely run down flat into something that we now call our sanctuary. He managed to optimise the space usage and made very practical and easy to maintain design decisions by factoring in our day to day life and expanding family. We were very blown away by his intelligent concepts and beautiful design. In addition to that, his teams after sales service was excellent. They honoured their one year warranty and even helped us with putting together a painting we bought from Vietnam. We are truly satisfied with their service and would highly recommend Aiden-T to anyone who wants a beautiful place to call home.”

Jasmin Sharda

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: May 2013   |   Project Pricing: $50,000 – $100,000

“We just want to express our deep appreciation for the wonderful experience and excellent job done for our home renovation. Will definitely recommend you to our friends. Dank U!”

Lim Kian Boon

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: February 2013   |   Project Pricing: more than $100,000

“I would recommend interior designer, Aiden T to anyone who is looking for modern, up to date interior design ideas and honest advice when it comes to decoration and designing your home space.

I have personally hired the team of creative yet practical decorators and contractors to design my very first home space in 2012. I had an idea for a concept that I would like to have for my 4room BTO HDB flat. And I sounded it out to, Arjan, the creative guru of this company. I have always loved the Mediterranean home feel influenced by Spanish, Moorish and Italian style. Bright coloured walls with unique terracotta tiles are the main motifs of my humble abode. The space that Arjan and his team renovated in my home is mainly the kitchen, 2 toilets and the master bedroom. My favourite feature as well as a conversation piece whenever I have friends over to my place, is the glass back splash walls surrounding my kitchen area. Arjan has intelligently designed a typical Moorish influenced back splash motifs on paper, which he then mount in on the walls around the kitchen hob until the kitchen sink. The dark turquoise blue of Moorish tiles motif definitely gave my home an authentic Moroccan/Spanish feel as how I wanted to achieve.

He also designed my vanity cabinet in my master bedroom’s toilet. Again playing with the Moorish tiles design, a good piece of wood source has been carved meticulously to achieve the feel that I wanted whereby the theme of Mediterranean works seamlessly around my little home.

The splash of cream white with a feature wall in the living which is painted with bright yellow, definitely added the cosy and warm feeling that I wanted for my home.

With Arjan’s eye for detail and meticulous creative ideas, any space can be turned into a cosy yet comfortable modern home that anyone yearns to achieve in their humble abode!”

Zara Johari

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: October 2012   |   Project Pricing: $10,000 – $49,999

“My husband and I engaged Aiden T after I saw one of his designs in the ID magazine. Contacted Arjan and straight away felt he was the right guy for the job. He was with us through the whole process and even helped us with the selection of furniture and lightings. His expertise and advice came in handy as we were really clueless about the whole subject.

I’m really glad to say that from clients we became friends through the journey and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a designer with impeccable taste, an eye for details and yet keeping the cost reasonable.”

Annamay Wong

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: January 2011   |   Project Pricing: $50,000 – $100,000

“It was a joy to work with Arjan from Aiden T. I first knew him from a Home and Deco magazine and saw his work on a maisonette and liked his work. He listens to you and is able to come up with designs that is close to our hearts because he listens not just hears. During the course of the renovation of our house, we left the entire project to him to liaise with the contractor as we were overseas. We left the choices of colours of the painting to him and he did not disappoint. He gave good suggestions of the colours and style of our curtains. Due to practicality, we amended a minor design in the kitchen wash area as we preferred more sunlight in and he quickly dismantled a full partition to the right height we requested. We were happy with his service and would recommend him to anyone who looking for a fresh perspective of what style and design entail. He won’t disappoint. Our home was even featured and mentioned not long ago in Straits Times.”

Irene Soong

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: November 2010   |   Project Pricing: $50,000 – $100,000

“I had the pleasure working with Arjan from Aiden T on my home renovation. It turned out to be an amazing experience. Arjan not only understood my requirements, but was able to communicate and fine tune the ideas. Most importantly, he actualized the design tastefully and within my budget! The result was a place I could call home, that special place that is strictly for me and exudes a professional touch.

Throughout the renovation process, Arjan would offer valuable personal advice, comprehensive suggestions and ideas based on his experiences and understanding of materials and the budget. I felt that he put my needs first and this is what I was looking for when selecting an Interior Designing firm.

Arjan coordinates his workers well and progress of the renovation runs smoothly. He updated me with the progress of the renovation by sending us pictures of work done and site updates while work was underway. He is friendly and approachable. I would like to compliment Arjan for the dedication to his work and the seamless coordination he did with the various parties involved. Delivery was earlier than expected but there was no compromise of quality and workmanship.

Arjan ensured everything was to my satisfaction before handing over the project. The after-sales service was fantastic with multiple follow up to clear outstanding touch ups. I would highly recommend to use the services of this talented and most innovative designer. My house is a testament to a luxurious but liveable, well-grounded and timeless design!”

Ganesh Raj

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: May 2009   |   Project Pricing: $50,000 – $100,000   |   View Project

“Over the years Aiden T has done all projects in my house, and their professionalism and understanding of my needs has made me return to their services time after time. I am very pleased with the results every time, for their on time and cost delivery of projects. I’ve done multiple projects with them, from redeveloping the living room, to changing all windows/doors to double glazed windows and insulated frames due to road noise nearby. Their impeccable service and follow up has convinced me I will never use another agency again for my place. I know I can trust and rely on Aiden T. ”

Louis Stoop

Relationship: Client   |   Project Date: February 2006   |   Project Pricing: more than $100,000   |   View Project