About the Company


Aiden T is the anagram of the initials of its principal Arjan Nijen Twilhaar. The Award Winning firm offers full design services, specialising in residential and commercial spaces.

Founded in 2005, Arjan designed a wide range of projects including landed property, condominiums, flats, spas, restaurants, hotels, retail and offices. This background helps him to provide a design that is tailored to the individual needs with a great level of comfort and care.

We are honoured to have our designs featured on HGTV, Channel 5 and CNA; print publications like Home and Décor, Lookbox Living, Square Rooms, The Straits Times, Harpers Bazaar, Elle Magazine, IS Magazine and Female as well as digital platforms like Yahoo! News, Houzz, Qanvast and Renopedia.

Arjan won awards for Best Retail Concept in 2004, is the 2017 winner of the Innovators in Design 2017 award and 2018 Best Residential Interior Designer, Singapore voted by LUX life Magazine.


Arjan Nijen Twilhaar

Arjan Nijen Twilhaar Principal Designer for Aiden T

Dutch-born Arjan Nijen Twilhaar has been working on interior design projects since 1998 when his employer put him in charge opening up offices throughout Asia. His first interior project was a flagship office in Hong Kong. Arjan found himself travelling the world, staying in some of the finest hotels and spectacular locations, feeding his interest in design and creating a unique experience through interior design and space planning.

In 2001 he started an advertising and branding company that rapidly grew into a boutique agency. His passion for interior design resulted in the design for retail spaces, spas, and events. Gradually Arjan was asked to design residences, making the transition to full-time interior design by 2008.

For Arjan, the home is the essence of one’s true self. He believes that creating your own sense of style is very much the way one lives. By incorporating unique and individual pieces, Arjan creates atmospheres that are timeless and original.  Clean and collected interiors are created by combining the best elements in design, old and new, into balance.

Innovation, editing and style are the basic fundamentals of his work, focusing on clarity, proportion and light. Following through on his initial concept, the space shares a connection – a flow that offers new viewpoints with elements of surprise.


Brent Seow

Brent Seow – Interior Designer for Aiden T

While studying for his diploma in Technology and Arts Management, Brent started his creative design career in scenic and prop design for established theatre companies like Singapore Repertory Theatre and Toy Factory. Since 2011 he has been working on numerous productions for the like 881 the musical and EQUUS.

In 2014 he joined a local design and build firm to widen his knowledge on residential and commercial interior design and project management. He designed projects for various condominiums as well as BTO and HDB apartments. His strength is bringing together contemporary design aesthetics with a balance of concept, innovation and practicality.

Brent joined Aiden T in 2018 to expand on his creativity and desire for creating new design language and transforming space. For Brent the home reflects one’s personality and it is important to curate the home not only how it looks, but also how it feels. He likes to work with a restricted palette of materials and colours, highlighting key features and architectural detailing


Brandon Liu

Brandon Liu – Interior Designer for Aiden T

With an degree in Interior Design from LaSalle, Brandon started designing hotels and resorts with a large interior design firm as part of a larger team. In this role, he established a keen eye for detail and how to create different welcoming and luxurious design aesthetics. This hands on experience deepened his understanding for combining detailing and function.

Brandon enjoys the entire process for planning, detailing into finalising each project. To be more involved in the entire design and implementation process, he made the transition to residential projects. He is passionate to work close with home owners to create bespoke homes that cater to their individual requirements and suit their lifestyle.

For Brandon, creating the ideal home is to prioritise the use of each space according to the home owners’ needs. With a preference for neutral colours to keep spaces light and airy, his designs are contemporary and considered, juxtaposing textures and subtle design details to enhance the design language of the homes he creates.


Eileen Teo - Interior Designer
Eileen Teo – Interior Designer for Aiden T

Hailing from family with its roots firmly anchored in the Interior Design industry, Eileen’s creative intuitions surfaced early in line. From a young age, she had a strong love of art , architecture and design in her and she was always drawn towards creative pursuits.  Eileen believes good design uncovers the potential of a space. It involves a keen eye and a sense of bravery to create an environment unique to the homeowners where they find comfort and warmth.

Eileen Majored in Communications and started her career in client and account management for a Digital firm, instilling the importance . She mastered many skills including client and project management. She understands that Interior Design and renovation is a journey for many clients hence she places emphasis on client servicing to ensure that the process is seamless and enjoyable.

Progressed to follow her dream as a designer, Eileen has a strong understanding of how interiors come together, from the architecture of a space to the colours, material, finishings and furniture. Each element plays an essential role in creating a cohesive look that is both practical and innovative.

Over the years, her father imparted many industry knowledge and nurtured her, bringing her along to his job sites and projects. Not only giving her a deep understanding on the renovation journey, but also how materials are used to create the desired aesthetic.

 Eileen fell in love with urban beauty and would spend her free time visiting places of interest with different architectural designs and history.