Art Deco Fusion

Design areas:  Living and Dining Room, Gourmet Kitchen, Wet Kitchen, Family Room, Master Bedroom with Walk-in Wardrobe, Master Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Bathrooms
|  Project target completion: June 2021  |  Renovation budget: $250,000 – $280,000
Designer: Arjan Nijen Twilhaar

Spanning a floorspace of over 2400sqft and commanding views over Singapore’s West Coast, this older condo is getting a sophisticated overhaul. Drawing inspiration from upmarket New York apartments, the design references Art Deco lines and light and airy materials. The expansive living room will be divided in an en-filade to create a living and dining area. By adding a large cased opening, the scale of the room will be better proportioned, as we are working with a lower ceiling for the large space.

The gourmet kitchen as well as the wet kitchen are getting an overhaul, while the family area will get basic updates and we will focus on working with loose furniture to create a cozy TV hang out zone. The bedrooms will get an overhaul and for the master bedroom, we are redesigning the flow for an elegant master suite. The rest of the bedrooms and bathrooms will be completely transformed to work with the bright and airy look the owners are after.

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