Bali Modern @ Haig Avenue

Dark woods, cool marble and pop art create a cosy one bedroom apartment with ample storage solutions.

Design areas: Living and Dining Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom and Walk-in Wardrobe |  Project completed: 2019  |  Renovation budget: SGD30,000 – SGD 35,000 – Designer: Brent Seow

As the footprint of this urban one bedroom apartment is pretty small, storage solutions were key in the overall design. With its narrow living room, finding a proper place for a sofa was also a challenge. While flooring and the bathroom were kept, the rest of the home got a complete overhaul.

Using the space in the bay window as a sofa nook, storage was created in the seat below. It also allowed enough distance between the wall mounted TV and sitting area. For dining, a small kopitiam inspired table with stools were used. For more storage, part of the living room converted into more storage with mirror panelled doors to visually enlarge the space.

A complete new kitchen was designed in a bold teal colour and metallic tiled backsplash. The washing machine was integrated in the carpentry and all the floorspace was utilised with storage solutions.

By placing the bed in front of the window, the bay window was utilised as a headboard space, which doubles up as storage as well. Wardrobe space was added to the household shelter, which were covered with louvred doors to tie in the overall look. A large mirror placed on the wall opens the room further up.

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