Belgravia Mews

Condo apartment in Red Hill

Design areas:  Foyer, Living Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom | Project target completion: May 2019 | Renovation budget: $35,000 – $40,000
Designer: Brent Seow

This new condo is getting an elegant make-over by adding Regency inspired architectural details and touches of Chinoiserie. The layered effect offers an old world charm with a contemporary vibe. The transitional furniture, touches of mild steel and clean colours add to the up to date vibe.

We will be adding wall beadings and ceiling details to the foyer, while the kitchen doors are getting a make over. Cased openings create a sophisticated en-filade flow in the home, while wainscotting and other details add visual interest.

Since this is a small apartment, we will be creating a banquet seating dining corner, offering more storage solutions and freeing up the floorspace. Touches of wall paper are trimmed with beading for more depth and a touch of softness.

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