Colour of the Year

It is my honour to be included in this international list of interior designers to share my pick of ‘colour of the year’. This year, I opted for a bold green colour, which works wonderfully for a feature wall, kitchen backsplash tile or other accents in the home.

Colour of the Year 2019

Last year, I was able to transfor an entire kitchen with this vibrant colour and have been loving it since. You will be seeing this coming through my designs in backsplashes, accent walls and hopefully a sofa here and there.

As an alternative colour, I picked a mustard yellow. We will see this colour a lot in fashion and it will make its transition into interior design. When picking a pop of colour for a throw cushion or so, yellow is a most wonderful bright and sunny colour.

If you want to see the etire list and see what the other designers picked, you can read the article here.

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