Special Needs Design

Autism is on the rise, with more and more children being influenced by their surroundings. This calls for some careful thought into space planning, colour choices and overall design when planning rooms for children with special needs. 

Aiden T - Wholly Natural 12/18

Interior design influences our daily life on many levels. That is why it is important to put some extra attention and detail to our surroundings. This is more so the case when designing for children that are easily stimulated or affected by their surroundings. 

Aiden T - Wholly Natural 12/18

In this edition of Wholly Natural Magazine, our Principal Designer Arjan Nijen Twilhaar shares tips on how to design these special places. The full article can be read in the online version of the magazine (available on apple and android).

Aiden T - Wholly Natural 12/18

If you are interested to find out how interior design can enhance your life, do talk to one of our designers to create your dream home that enhances your wellbeing. 

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