Peranakan Herritage

BTO at Upper Serangoon Road

Design areas:  Living Room, Kitchen, Master Suite, Master Bathroom, Kids Bedroom, Guest Room and Common Bathroom |  Project target completion: April 2019  |  Renovation budget: $60,000 – $70,000
Designer: Arjan Nijen Twilhaar

Drawing inspiration from the globe trotting owners, the inspiration for the design came from the Chinese Settlers in the Straits region and their Clan Houses. This contemporary interpretation of Peranakan design is a stylised design with a herritage backbone. Material choices swing between cool greys and jade greens with touches of onyx for some glamour. Mild Steel panels and modern Peranakan glass are mixed with solid wood carpentry which are inlaid with rattan.

Moving away from the predicitable pattern tiles, the design focuses more on material choices, shapes and layered texture in the overall design. The furniture refernences Art Deco style, the key area where Peranakan culture thrived. These sleek 20ties design ooze elegance and sophistication. While furniture and materials adhere to a strict colour palatte, punches of colour are brought in through the artwork and accessories.

In the bedroom we are keeping it cosy and sleek traditional, with enough architectural detail to keep the space interested. The bathrooms are overhauled with light coloured tiles that work with different shapes and texture. Luxurious touches are added with elements of brass and chrome.

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