Sleek Cottage

Condo at Potong Pasir

Design areas:  Living Room, Kitchen, Master Suite, Kids Bedroom and Play Room |  Project target completion: March 2019  |  Renovation budget: $50,000 – $65,000
Designer: Brent Seow

This new condo is getting a contemporary cottage make over. We will be changing the flooring, adding shiplap walls and shaker style storage. The existing kitchen is getting a facelift with new carpentry doors and a new dry kitchen.
Additional storage is created in the foyer, with ample room for shoes and other items. Maintaining clean and birght colours will give this condo a breezy feel, while the furniture is sleek and has a touch of glamour.

The kids room is getting a bunk bed with ample storage in the stairs. Tongue and Groove detailing on the carpentry will give it a playful look, with a rustic undertone. The master bedroom is turned into a cozy retreat, where we change the wardrobe doors and add some more architectural detail to enhance the overall aesthetic of this new apartment.

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