Touch of Lagom

Condo at Pinewood Gardens

Design areas: Living/Dining Room, Kitchen, Master Suite with Walk-in Wardrobe and En-suite, Bedrooms, Common Bathroom and Utility areas |  Project target completion: May 2018  |  Renovation budget: one hundred and twenty thousand

Working on shades of sandy white, seafoam blue and warm greys, this old condo is getting a contemporary make-over with hints of traditional elements and touches of industrial glamour. Lagom is the Swedish word for “just enough” – bringing in just enough architectural detail to break the stark and clean-lined interiors so prevalent in Singapore.

To make a house feel like home, it is always good to bring in some classic detail with a contemporary approach. This layering just adds warmth and familiarity to the space. The furniture has hints of mid-century modern styles – referencing a Scandinavian look, while the mount steel detailing adds a touch of industrial glam.


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