2018 Interior Design Trends

As we usher in the new year, it is always a good time to discuss upcoming trends and design aesthetics that appeal to me. For 2018 I shortlisted five trends that I am hoping to execute more of. These designs might not always be timeless (my favorite starting point for any design trend), but why not have a little fun when planning your new home or are thinking to spruce things up.

I am using pictures of my new office at Oxley Bizhub to illustrate these new trends.

Statement Ceilings

I think this is going to be a great trend. I have been using cornices way before the became on trend again – as I love the extra additional architectural detailing and the glamour it brings. I am now looking to push this trend further and at the moment my preference are box beamed ceiling. These can be executed in plasterboard, with cornices or with wood.Aiden T - Oxley Bizhub Office

I am drawn to colonial inspired homes, so wood beamed ceilings are the perfect statement. You could also think of installing wallpaper on the ceiling or paint the ceiling. There are many options and you can spot a few beamed ceilings in the projects I completed this year. The highlight will be my own office at Oxley Bizhub – with its wood veneer ceiling.



Rich Colour Palate

Don’t be afraid to use colour and create a cozy environment. Sometimes reserved for the bedroom, I think deep rich hues can look contemporary and create a talking point. Getting the right colour is Aiden T - Oxley Bizhub Officecrucial and you need to make sure that you mix in the correct accent colours to brighten the place up.

Lighting plays an important part as well, so if you are planning to go a bit darker, make sure you have the light plan to back up the overall scheme.

Don’t be afraid and add some drama to your place, in the end its often easily changed with another layer of paint.


Unusual Wall Art

I have been rendering display plates into my artist impressions for years, but I am finally seeing a pick up on unusual ways to dress up the walls.

Aiden T - Oxley Bizhub OfficeThere is a myriad of choices to pick from. While my preference is an heirloom piece, like plates or other unusual items, you can select metal artwork, prints or even full scale wall paintings, murals or bold wallpapers. Or else group a collection of prints and cover the wall.

Wall lights make perfect statements too – granted they are a bit hard to find and you need to plan way in advance to get the concealed wires on the correct spot, but dressing up your walls are truly going to make a difference.


Monochrome Simplicity

If you are looking for a more timeless trend, Monochrome Simplicity is the way to go. Edit to a few colours that you like, but keep the shell of your home light and bright.

Aiden T - Oxley Bizhub OfficeEnsure that you have enough visual interest with the floor choices and the architectural details. Pops of colour in the artwork can set the tone for the room, but are easily changed out if you want to make a change.

As a starting point, I always use black and white and then tweak the hues a bit for some added interest. Your home does not have to look boring if you limit your colour choices to the bare basics.


Mount Steel

Oh how I love mount steel. I love it for doors, I love it for accent pieces. It has a traditional quality with a slight industrial edge. I think it works perfect with more traditional designs – as it offers a harder edge to an otherwise dated look. Aiden T - Oxley Bizhub Office

The thin frames that hold glass just add enough detail to create a statement. Use it to frame mirrors or create a feature wall.

My preference is to work with simple grid patterns, based on traditional french doors or windows. The glass adds an airiness to the home that cannot be achieved with aluminium framed doors.


If you have been inspired by some of these trends and you are keen to see some of these in our new office at Oxley Bizhub, you can drop us a message and make an appointment to have a look. The office is open by appointment only – so its best to make sure we are around before dropping by.

Here are some more photos of the office that is located at:

67 Ubi Road 1
#09-11 Oxley Bizhub
Singapore 408703

(Lift Lobby 1)




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