Scandinavian Barn Style at Toa Payoh Rise

Toa Payoh (BTO 4-room Apartment)

Design areas: Living Room, Dining Area, Kitchen, Master Suite, Music Room |  Project target completion: August 2017  |  Renovation budget: low fifties thousand

Aiden T - Artist Impression for BTO in Toa Payoh: Living room
Aiden T - Artist Impression for BTO in Toa Payoh: Dining Room
Aiden T - Artist Impression for BTO in Toa Payoh: Music Room
Aiden T - Artist Impression for BTO in Toa Payoh: Kitchen

Merging industrial touches with a Scandinavian look that is inspired by barn conversions, this BTO will transform in a contemporary home with personality and style. Adding layering through the different finishes as well as playing up the textures and patterns in the apartment, this home will become the perfect backdrop for statement pieces that oozes quirkiness with a bold edge.

The statement will be the french glass partition between the living spaces and the music room – allowing the mini grand piano to play the lead in this home. Laying the vinyl flooring in a barn style pattern and adding a tile skirting nods to the agricultural inspiration. While exposed brick will add some depth and texture to the place.

Keeping the furniture and accessories in an industrial vibe, some punch of colour is needed to lift the entire look. Of course, the shaker style cabinets finished in laminate will line the kitchen – with some minor alterations to the floorplan to create a more spacious place for cooking and preparing food. A concealed murphy door will hide the master bedroom, while the other doors will feature a barn door pattern.

Scandinavian design normally features some elements of traditional heritage – so we are adding little touches to provide a modern home.

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