How to pick your wall colours

With the new year upon us, all the paint companies issue a new catalogue with their latest choice of hues. For most of my projects, I select colours from the Dulux catalogue because I prefer their colour wheel. But truth be told, each company will have a similar colour in their arsenal.

When selecting a paint colour for your room, just select which direction you want to go. Either Cool or Warm. While cool colours were on trend to create a contemporary feel – I am slowly seeing a shift back towards warmer tones. Most people are after that cosy feel.

I am not a big fan of using feature colours in the living room – this room should be a clean canvass to make furniture, artwork and soft furnishing speak. In the bedroom you can use an accent colour, since we normally have lesser items in the room. This way you can play up to colour tone for the curtains and bedding. But single colours in a room still work best in my opinion and create a timeless setting.

To illustrate how to go about picking colours and how the mood can come through accents and soft furnishings, I picked a series of inspiration images. To build up the colour scheme in a room, you start with a neutral wall colours and then add the colours for the individual layers like furniture, soft furnishings and artwork. It is good to mix and match and pick one random colour to make it all pop.

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