Against the Cookie Cutter

As an Interior Designer, I see myself as a story teller, because interiors can tell captivating tales to engage, stimulate or even transport you to another place or time. The importance of bringing a narration to the design is to bring elements that you as a home owner can relate to, to awaken emotions and experiences. Instead of creating living spaces that meet function and form, why not explore creating a visual world as an additional layer of excitement.



When designing homes, the stories should not be too obvious. I prefer to use hints of the story, so they can be guessed and imagined by consciously expressing it in various ways. The art to storytelling is to keep the hints subtle and abstract. When done correctly, these homes will stand the test of time and will be relevant regardless of design trends and interior fads.

At heart, I am a traditionalist. But I prefer to put a fresh and modern perspective on traditional design. I guess that makes me a Neo Traditionalist. I believe a classic taste will always have a chic sophistication. Against this background, I like to play with colour, texture and patterns. Whatever the story is you want your home to tell, apply these three simple design aesthetics for a design that lasts a decade.

Aiden T - Riversails Master Bedroom A

First thing I do when I start designing a home, I am getting inspiration from an experience. This can be a walk along Tuileries Garden in Paris, seeing the sunrise at a Balinese Resort or being part of the sophistication and vibrancy of Milan. Inspiration can come from many different angles; objects, places or a feeling. Once you created the mood of the story, you then strip it down to its core elements and start building it up again, layer by layer – carefully curating if each layer adds to the narrative.

This way of designing might sound abstract, but actually, it helps you focus on the important elements and take out any noise and clutter that do not contribute or even undermine a cohesive design approach. Each of my designs tells a story, some stronger than others and some more direct. But at the foundation there is this single point of inspiration that kicks off the entire décor.

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