Parisian Chic at Dawson Skyville

Dawson (HDB BTO 3-room Apartment)

Design areas: Living Room, Dining Area, Kitchen, Master Suite with en-suite, Kids Room and Common Bathroom  |  Project target completion: April 2017  |  Renovation budget: low forty thousand

Artist Impression 87 Dawson Skyville - master bedroom
Artist Impression 87 Dawson Skyville - living room
Artist Impression 87 Dawson Skyville - kitchen
Artist Impression 87 Dawson Skyville - master bathroom

Sophisticated elegance will be the theme for this shoebox apartment at Dawson Skyville. Warm hues and architectural detailing will create an elegant home where furniture and accent pieces will play the main role.

While the whole house will get an overhaul, we limited hacking of the walls in order to stay on budget. However, the bathrooms are completely redone as well as the tiles in the kitchen and yard.

The material choices feature natural coloured vinyl flooring, laid in a herringbone pattern for the living areas and marble tiles mixed with natural stone flooring. This creates a slightly more formal space, in line with the overall theme. For the living spaces, we kept the design to a minimal, just flushing some ceilings and boxing up the recessed wall to create a condo feel and hide the wiring for the TV. Of course, the extra tall white skirting and cornices are key elements to create the overall look and feel and an elegant trim around the windows adds much needed architectural detail.

In the master bedroom, we needed to work on an awkward layout. The access window to the AC ledge was positioned as such that the bed could be only placed on one wall – allowing very little space for a wardrobe. The solution was to cover the window with a custom upholstered headboard that still allows access when needed. Integrating the wardrobes along the same wall opens up the room and provides much-needed walking space.

In the kitchen, the signature shaker style doors finished in a laminate is the highlight. Supported by natural looking tiles with a luxurious finish. To maximise the feel of space, only one side of the kitchen will feature top hung cabinets. While compromising on a little storage space, the kitchen will feel now much wider.

Due to its size, this apartment will be a challenge when it comes to space planning and furniture selection. Keeping to a simple colour palate and editing to only key architectural detailing – the design will support the overall design aesthetics.

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