2017 Trends (and onwards)

Fortunately, Interior Design trends transition gently and slowly. Subtle hue changes in colours and different accents can update your home quickly and cost effective. But there are some major shifts that start at the root of the design. Elements you want to consider when planning your renovation.
Here is a list of interior architecture trends that impact the way we design spaces.
1. Escapism
In our fast pace lives, we are looking for places to retreat and be by ourselves. Designing your home with different nooks and spaces for specific functions enhances the living experiences. While in our urban setting its might not be practical to have a dining room as a separate room, there is a trend towards traditional living.
Open kitchens and open plan living are being re-considered as the ideal way of designing homes, as climate control is harder to manage as well as its impact on daily lives. Multifunctional- and hybrid rooms will become a trend, like a study room that can convert into a dining room when needed or kitchens that are open, but can be closed when in use.
While it make take a while for open plan living to totally fade away, it is good to consider this passing trend when planning your home.
2. Tradition
Architectural detailing will become a more prominent feature for Interior Design. From cornices to skirting details to shaker style doors and patterned floors. These elements add a touch of familiarity and cosiness to your home. These styles have been around for ever and are timeless statements that will stand the test of time.
Raw and unfinished materials like cement screed, exposed conduits and veneer brick walls are on the way out. Natural exposed brick or exposed cement column juxtaposed with contemporary elements will stand the test of time, as they show the integrity of the building.
3. Nature
terials produced by nature are always going to be on trend. They have qualities that simply can’t be achieved by composites. From marble to real wood elements – these elements add a warmth that is otherwise hard to achieve. Their wear and tear add the patina of life to your home, which will enhance the look over time. Often natural materials can be resurfaced over time (like a marble floor or parquet) – while artificial materials often need to be replaced when daily living is leaving its marks.
4. Glamour
From natural materials to warm jewel tones – our homes are becoming richer in colour and plusher in feel. With an emphasis on the sense of touch, layering and texture are becoming more important and the trend goes towards investing in luxurious soft furnishings and fittings. Carefully selected items for daily use – like faucets, counter tops and furniture – are playing an important part when creating a home.

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