Be a Curator

The role of an interior designer is to be a curator. Great museums don’t put all the art in the world in a single room. That’s what’s called a warehouse.

What makes a museum a wonderful experience, is the art that is not on display. There is a person that says no. A curator makes conscious decisions about what should stay and what should go.

Renaissance inspired terrace house

An interior designer works the same way. A balanced interior design that showcases a cohesive concept follows the same principles. It is the stuff that you leave out that matter. Designers look constantly for elements to improve, simplify and streamline. They stick to what is truly essential, paring down until they are left with the essence of the chosen design direction.

Renaissance inspired terrace house

Once they are left with the most important elements, they add stuff back that is essential to enhance the overall theme
Renaissance inspired terrace house

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