Transitional elegance at Dawson Skyville

Dawson Skyville (HDB BTO 4-room Apartment)

Design areas: Living Room, Dining Area, Kitchen, Master Suite with en-suite, Kids Room and Common Bathroom  |  Project target completion: April 2017  |  Renovation budget: mid sixty thousand

Artist Impression 86Dawson Skyville - living room
Artist Impression 86 Dawson Skyville - kitchen
Artist Impression 86 Dawson Skyville - kids bedroom

Having resided in the US for several years, the owners wanted to translate this American sophisticated design aesthetics into their BTO apartment. Featuring pronounced archways, cased framed window boxes and shaker style carpentry finished in laminate, this BTO will transform into a transitional elegant space.

Keeping to light and timeless hues, architectural detailing is added through the solid wood tall skirting, simple streamlined cornices and a vinyl wood flooring throughout the unit. For extra depth and texture, the living room spaces will feature herringbone patterned floors, using a loose lay dark toned vinyl board.

One bedroom will be annexed to the living space, creating a large living and dining room which allows us to create a foyer area with ample storage as well as creating extra storage space in the kitchen area.

Coloured shaker style carpentry all finished in a laminate will feature in the kitchen, while patterned accent tiles create visual interest in the space. The bathrooms will be retiled to transform them into fresh and bright rooms.

The baby room will get an elegant overhaul. Rather than using bright colours, we adhere to a neutral palate for a calming effect. Accents and accessories can bring the pop of colour needed for a kids room and allows the room to easily change over time.

This will be the first apartment where we experiment with cased box window frames to hide the dark powdercoated windows provided by HDB and integrate a cohesive look. We are also trying some new laying methods for the vinyl flooring.

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