Creating a Good Vibe

Everything around us is energy. Atoms vibrating and creating all we experience. These energy patterns leave a lasting imprint in our surroundings, just like the light of a star travels on long after it died. It is the energetic memory of what once was.


Houses take on this energetic memory as well. Events, good or bad will leave its trace in the energy signature of the place. When moving into a new house it is good to start with a fresh start and to stimulate the positive energies residing in the house. Different cultures have various ways to balance these energy traces, but every culture has some form of house clearing or house warming. Regradless of your beliefs, here are some best practise tips when you want to clear the house of negativity:


  1. Before moving in, it is best that you personally clean the space. Mop, wipe and dust the place so it is clean. This simple process will replace the old energy with your own. Of course you should have a positive and happy attitude while doing this, so your place is energized with good vibes.
  2. The best foundation for a happy home is a clutter free home. So before you move in, deal with your clutter and unwanted items before you shift them. I always recommend cleaning everything before it gets its final place in the new home.
  3. Only keep items that have a clear connection with your own energy. Items that don’t seem to be clutter and therefore become clutter. If you don’t need an item, don’t like it or rarely use them, get rid of it.
  4. Eliminate everything that drags the energy down in your home. Take down photos or pictures that make you feel negative, throw away broken items, dead plants and dried flowers.
  5. Bring in fresh air by opening the windows, play some inspiring music, light a candle or burn some incense or essential oils.
  6. Invite friends and family for moments filled with fun and laughter and try to see the positive side of things – even if something negative happens.

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