New Build Bungalow at Yarwood

Upper Bukit Timah (new build landed property)

Design areas: entire home with four levels of living space  |  Project target completion: August 2017  |  Renovation budget (interior only): more than half a million

Artist Impression for Yarwood - living room
Artist Impression for Yarwood - dining room
Artist Impression for Yarwood - gourmet kitchen
Artist Impression for Yarwood - family room
Artist Impression for Yarwood - master suite
Artist Impression for Yarwood - master bathroom
Artist Impression for Yarwood - study area
Artist Impression for Yarwood - bedroom two
Artist Impression for Yarwood - bedroom three

Building a new home is the privilege of a rare view, especially in land scarce Singapore. To be able to work together with an architect on this four-story landed property is exciting as well as a great learning experience. The old single story home will be torn down and in its place, this four-story bungalow will rise. One floor is below street level, but since the site is on a slope, it will have access to a patio at the back.

The style of the house will be contemporary European, with clean lines and modern furniture. Luxurious finishes like marble and white oak flooring will be featured predominately in the house.

This process will take some time, expecting TOP only after a year to a year and a half and after obtaining TOP we will finish the house with its interior fittings. Meanwhile, we will be on site to direct the interior finishing like flooring, tiling, electric planning, AC implementation, sanitary selections etc.

Like many new build places, we do expect many changes to take place over time. But it will be thrilling to see how this project unfolds in the next couple of months.

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