Cape Cod Cottage @ Jalan Dusun

Jalan Dusun (Penthouse, Condominium)

Design areas: Living Room, Gourmet & Wet Kitchen, Master Suite with walk-in wardrobe and en-suite, Children’s Bedrooms, Common Bathroom and Utility Area  |  Project completed: 2014  |  Renovation budget: SGD180,000

Jalan Dusun (Penthouse Apartment) – Gourmet Kitchen
Jalan Dusun (Penthouse Apartment) – Foyer
Jalan Dusun (Penthouse Apartment) – Kitchen (Gourmet & Wet)
Jalan Dusun (Penthouse Apartment) – Boy's Bedrooms
Jalan Dusun (Penthouse Apartment) – Common & Master Bathrooms
Jalan Dusun (Penthouse Apartment) – Patio Area

The design concept is a modern rendition of a classic New England farmhouse that cultivates a happy union between form and function. Inspired by the homes found on The Cape, the style is a relaxed coming together of an American style in a cohesive design approach.

The intent of the design is to create a traditional background for unique pieces of contemporary furniture and collectibles. Adding some rustic furniture pieces results in a modern space that reflects personality with a warm and inviting ambiance.

A tactile use of materials and finishing results in a multi-sensory experience, while a simple colour scheme allows the home to showcase its mitch-match selection of furniture, art and objects. Using various tone on tone materials will create a layering depth that will not go out of style.

Using materials that can withstand the tropical climate, this house is easy to maintain and will stand the test of time.

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