Neo Renaissance @ Braddell Road

Braddell Road (Terrace House)

Design areas: Living Room, Foyer, Dining Room, Kitchen, Master Suite with Foyer, walk-in wardrobe and en-suite and Media Room  |  Project completed: 2008  |  Renovation budget: SGD90,000

Braddell 2008 (Terrace House) – Living Area
Braddell 2008 (Terrace House) – Living Area: view into foyer, hidden TV cabinet
Braddell 2008 (Terrace House) – Kitchen
Braddell 2008 (Terrace House) – Kitchen
Braddell 2008 (Terrace House) – Master Bedroom
Braddell 2008 (Terrace House) – Dining Area

Utilising a monochromatic colour palate, the interior is characterised by luxurious materials and a luscious finish. In the living room, colour is brought in by the large artwork and the antique Persian carpet, while the rest of the furniture is kept bold and contemporary. Detailing is achieved by some antique furniture pieces that offer a layer of sophistication and elegance. The large sliding panel hiding the TV is a contemporary nod to tapestries, used for colour and deco in the renaissance period.

The kitchen is kept utilitarian with over-scaled appliances and natural materials. Texture is achieved by the metal inlay between tiles and the large profile of the granite counter top. Placement of the appliances are functional and extra counter space is achieved by repositioning the sink area as a peninsula.

For the master bedroom, the inspiration came from ancient Thai houses, built in the golden age of Thailand, where a cluster of houses would create a large mansion. By dividing the space up in various areas that flow from one into the other, it creates a restful oasis without much clutter. Again keeping the colour palette clean, but working with different textures, the space offers a calm and sensory space.

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