Mid Century Glamour

BTO apartment in Ghim Moh

Design areas:  Foyer, Living Room, Kitchen, Master Suite with Walk-in Wardrobe, Master Bathroom and Common Bathroom |  Project target completion: June 2019  |  Renovation budget: $65,000 – $75,000
Designer: Arjan Nijen Twilhaar

Bringing together arts and craft detailing with Mid Century furniture, this BTO apartment is getting a mod make over. We are adding a foyer for a more traditional transition from the outside into the home. Using large cased openings, the en-filade feel will add a sense of space and openness. This area provides the ideal floor transitioning as well, with hard waring herring bone tiles in the foyer, that will move into the vinyl flooring for the living spaces.

Architectural detailing is kept to a minimum in the living room, to provide a clean and breezy canvass for updated mod funiture and artwork. Placing the dining table at the window creates the perfect focal point for the room, while the TV corner is a bit more tucked away.

In the kitchen we are keeping it bright and airy. Interest is brought in with different textures and detailing, creating an open space with ample storage and counter tops.

The master bedroom has a cozy vibe, where we are creating a walk-in wardrobe and a segregation between storage and sleeping. Tones of wood and upholstery will bring that mid century vibe, and a mix of artwork and deco further enhance the overall style.

For the bathrooms we are opting for the same tiles throughout, but creating a layering effect by using different shapes. In the master bathroom, tiles are kept light and airy which are offset with the wood vanity and elements of metal. In the common bathroom, similar tiles in a different finish add a bit of dramatic effect.

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