Contemporary Regency

Landed Home at Cambridge Road

Design areas:  4-story landed home with major A&A works, Living Room, Kitchen, Master Suite, Master Bathroom, Kids Bedroom, Guest Room and Common Bathroom |  Project target completion: June 2019  |  Renovation budget: $500,000 and above
Designer: Arjan Nijen Twilhaar

Structural works include repositioning the staircase as well as major reconfigurations of the layout and facade of this inter terrace home. After the strucutral works are done, the interior will be appointed with architectural details to bring out a Regency style home. Wood floors will flow throughout the unit, and tall skirting boards, wall beading details, cornices and ceiling beading will add a layered texture to the home.

Touches of Chinoiserie will add muted colours and a soft floral motif, while the furniture and asseccories are kept contemporary for a modern vibe. Light colours are used to bring more light througout the spaces, with touches of brass for an elegant finish.

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