Plantation Design @ East Coast

Colourful Colonial Design with Mid Century Vibe

Design areas: Sitting Room, Dining Area, Reading Nook, Kitchen, Master Bedroom and Powder Room |  Project completed: 2018  |  Renovation budget: SGD60,000 – SGD75,000

Inspired by Hemmingways’ Cuban Plantation home, this shoebox apartment features a colourful mix of Colonial Design with a bold colour scheme and finished with Mid-Century modern furniture. The artwork and upscale accessories are the key elements that play off a thoughtful backdrop of architectural layers.

Choosing an enfilade layout for this small apartment creates the illusion of more space and dedicated areas for different functions. The dining area sits in the centre of the home, with a vantage point through the library towards the open view. Off the dining room, a chill-out nook is created for the owners to listen to music or watch a movie.

The snug master bedroom rocks a bold geometric pattern wallpaper, which is offset with dark louvred wood doors and rich textures in the curtains. Orange and teals work hand in hand with dark woods and taupes – picking up the colours in the artwork and photography pieces in the space.

In the kitchen, the cabinets feature a dark rich green hue that comes together with the grey, white and green marble. Mixed metals like the brass handles and the copper backsplash offer a touch of luxury. To create the illusion of more space, the wall in the kitchen is lined with a chevron patterned mirror wall, individually set in a metal frame. The antiqued mirror softens the look and the material is repeated in the dining area as well.

Chevron American Walnut flooring flows through the unit, which is trimmed with white tall skirting boards. The white wood works are further applied to the cased openings. The reading nook is lined with a wood beamed ceiling and a large bookcase. Ample light is coming in from the balcony, which appears to be larger as the wall was lined with a mirror behind a trellis.

The bold patterns are continued in the powder room, where a custom printed Banana Leaf wallpaper lines the wall. As this is a dry area, wallpaper works well to pack a visual punch. Little details like the light fittings, agate handles on the vanity and brass and rose quartz table add a touch of understated luxury.

While only 450sqft large, this shoebox apartment oozes personality and character.

Check out the video walkthrough here

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