Detox Your Home

Most cultures have the tradition of Spring Cleaning. It is like a detox for the house. Not only does it help to thoroughly clean the house from top to bottom, it also helps to get rid of any negative or stagnant energy. Clearing clutter always improves the feel of a space and helps you shift to a more positive state of mind.

With urban houses getting smaller and the need to accumulate more stuff increases, the importance of clearing clutter should not be underestimated. And you don’t have to wait until spring to clear your living space. A neat and organised house does affect all aspects of our daily life.
Undertaking a big project like Spring Cleaning will be less daunting if you break it down into easy steps. That is why I recommend that you focus on these three areas first:
Entrance or foyer
How the space looks when you enter your home has a direct effect on your energy. A neat and organised space that is clean and well-designed will make you feel welcome and reduce your overall stress level. If you walk into a chaotic area with a lot of clutter, dust and dirt, your energy will drop. That is why it is important to create a clutter free area to make you feel more positive and care free.
Most used space
After entering your home, continue the positive greeting into the rooms where you spend a lot of time. This can be your living room, family room, kitchen or any other place where you unwind. These spaces have a significant impact on your overall well-being. Shifting the energy in these rooms from negative to positive will help create stimulating interactions with others.
More time is spent on sleeping than any other activity in your home. The quality of your sleep is directly impacted by the condition of your bedroom. A cluttered space is akin to noise, and this disturbing energy will affect your overall sleep. It will be hard to get a good night’s rest if you are enveloped by negative energy, eventually impacting your overall health and well-being.
If you keep your Spring Cleaning to these three main areas, it will be a much easier task to handle. While cleaning the space, you should phase out any clutter. Here are some easy tips to assess items for keeping, donating or discarding:
1. Throw out everything you dislike
Although this sounds logical, we do keep hanging on to items we don’t like. Over time, these objects you hate will manifest as a negative energy within you. This adverse energy will awaken a pessimistic focus, which can lead to unfavourable circumstances in your life. If some of the items you dislike belong to a family member, it is best to relocate them to an area where they are out of your sight.
2. Discard anything you haven’t used for a year
If you are not using an item, it becomes a “dead” object. You need to keep using items to dispel any stagnant energy. If you are attached to a specific item, but haven’t used it – then find ways to use it more often, so as to bring life back to it. I recommend this rule for clothes, shoes and other personal articles – if you haven’t worn it for a period of time, then donate it.
3. Clear out anything that is damaged
If items cannot be fixed or repaired, then they become a strong source of negative energy. This can even result in health issues. Often the state of items around you reflects your own state of being. If you accumulate numerous broken items, chances are that you start to feel broken yourself. Any flawed object should be repaired as soon as possible, and if fixing is not worth it or impossible, then discard the item altogether.
4. Eliminate things that irritate you
There can be numerous things that can trigger irritation. From wires to items that don’t fit a space properly. By removing these elements, you will ease your frame of mind and have a more positive outlook. This positivity will attract more positive things to flow into your life.
5. Delete items that are negative reminders
We all keep items that remind us of painful events in our lives. You should realise that these items hold the energy of that particular pain in place. Every time you are confronted with it, it will be hard to move on to a more positive future.
Objects that remind you of past failures should receive the same treatment, get rid of them, so you can move forward and feel good about yourself.
When cleaning and clearing, see yourself as a curator. Great museums don’t put all the art in the world in a single room. That is what is called a warehouse. What makes a museum a wonderful experience, is the art that is not on display. You need to be the person that says no. Make conscious decisions about what should stay and what should go.

A balanced interior is about constantly improving, streamlining and simplifying. Stick to what is truly essential, paring down until you are left with the essence of what is important to you.

One thing to note is that once you have cleared your space, often you will find use for an item that you’ve just discarded. This is a positive sign that the energy is moving again. Don’t feel disheartened by this, but see it as an affirmation that you made the right choice and you are moving forward to a more positive way of life.

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